GTI was Consecutively Awarded the Network Products and Server System SOAs with the Hong Kong SAR Government Since 2010


Global Technology Integrator Ltd (GTI) is privileged to announce that the company was again awarded the Standing Offer Agreements (SOAs) of Network Products and Server Systems under Categories A and B (GLD Contract No. C0141/2015) with the Government of Hong Kong SAR. This is the third time we were awarded these SOAs since 2010 consecutively. The duration of the new SOAs are 36 months and effective from February 1, 2016.

GTI was first awarded both the Server and Network Bulk SOAs in 2010 and was granted the same contracts in 2013. Throughout these years, GTI has helped numerous government departments successfully implemented advanced virtualized computing platforms to support critical applications and improve their IT efficiency, ROI and agility, as well as revamped their networks and IT security solutions to hence their productivity and security. GTI will continue to provide its best services and introduce its broad portfolio of advanced IT solutions to users of the Government of Hong Kong SAR through free workshops and seminars in the coming years.