GTI NGO Cloud Solution - NGO Online CRM Solution

NGOs of all sizes need to enhance their services by employing IT solutions to save costs and automate manual tasks. Among different IT systems, many NGOs find it essential to maintain an up-to-date and secure client information CRM system to provide focused services to target groups of clients/service users and continuously monitor the results. With such a CRM system, they can measure their services and activities against program objectives, flexibly generate reports required by different stack holders and streamline the work processes to significantly lower the cost of operation.

Based on our experience in serving many NGOs of different sizes, we proudly introduce the GTI NGO Cloud Solution – an online CRM system that can help small to mid-size NGOs quickly standardize work flows, improve work efficiency, maintain information integrity and security as well as lower operation cost through automation.

The GTI NGO Cloud Online CRM solution includes versatile functions to help NGOs keep track of their members, volunteers, manage the groupings of members to offer specific programs and activities to meet their needs. By automating manual tasks and maintaining up-to-date records of members and volunteers, efficiency is significantly enhanced and operation cost is driven down.

Key Benefits:

Significantly drive down operational costs of NGOs by automating many manual and error prone work processes  
Maintain complete, accurate and up-to-date records of members and service users (clients) with data categorizations that meet your specific needs  
Comprehensive volunteer information management functions  
Powerful program and activity management with enrolment functions  
Proven data categorization and program functions that suit the use of local NGOs  
Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) provides unmatched high availability to ensure your service availability  
Sophisticated security models of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Online) to protect the privacy and security of your information  
Familiar user interface that easily drives user acceptance