Mobility News - Enable Remote Access

Unexpected occasions like virus outbreak, natural disasters or other reasons may render office premises not suitable to work and cause interruptions to business operation. Enterprises need to urgently enable remote access of important IT systems by their employees, e.g. home office, for business continuity.
Some think they can achieve this with a simple VPN solution. But in fact, you need to plan carefully to manage and secure the remote access. Many of the remote computers will be unmanaged BYODs and will largely increase the attack surface. This can make your IT infrastructure vulnerable to malicious malwares, advanced threats and zero-day exploits. It is necessary to implement additional security control measures to protect your IT environment against cyberattacks. 

Moreover, you need to properly authenticate and granularly control your application access only by authorized users and monitor and log all remote access activities to safeguard your systems and avoid exfiltration of important business data.

And for some legacy applications that are not readily accessible remotely via internet, enterprises need to quickly enable their remote access with the right desktop and application virtualization technologies with little or no modifications of their legacy applications.
We have strong experience in providing services and solutions to help customers of different industries plan and implement business continuity solutions to cope with different applications and scenarios. We can help customers quickly enable remote access securely to meet urgent business continuity needs without sacrificing security controls.

Our technical consultants are happy to discuss your urgent needs of application remote access and business continuity and explain in detail how our versatile solutions and services can meet your specific needs.

If you need more information or any help of our GTI Consultants, please contact us at or 2881 4640.