Enterprise Mobility

Secure Mobile Computing for unprecedented productivity

Business users are using mobile devices to access corporate emails, applications and even confidential information to make fast decision on-the-go to stay ahead of their competitors. But IT managers must prevent important business data from leaking outside the company through these mobile devices, either company-owned or BYOD. Moreover, smartphones are now the targets of hackers to exploit. Providing productive mobile computing experiences while securing mobile access is an urgent priority that all IT managers must seek an effective solution to resolve immediately.

GTI’s solution consulting team is very experienced in implementing versatile enterprise mobility management solutions using different vendors’ technologies with the right capabilities that enforce your security needs while maintaining a balance of your user privacy needs. These ranges from comprehensive mobile device management to versatile containerization capabilities to protect your corporate email and other applications, advanced data loss prevention capabilities and many more. Moreover, we can integrate the EMM solution with effective security control measures to protect against mobile oriented cyber-attacks and enable fast response and remediation of malicious events before they can cause harms.

Our Professional service practice can also help customers design enterprise mobile apps to support their new services and business initiatives.