GTI unveils its Network Assessment Service to help customers resolve network and application performance problems


February 16th, 2009


GTI unveils its Network Assessment Service to help customers resolve network and application performance problems


GTI today announced its new Network Assessment Service to help IT managers analyse the traffic of their corporate network, resolve performance problems and drive down TCO of network support..     

Many customers are experiencing network and application performance problems. And with the number of remote users increasing and numerous types of applications running on the corporate network, resolving the problems is a complex issue. Very often, expensive upgrade of WAN bandwidth cannot improve the situation. IT managers will need better visibilty of what are really running on the network and more accurate assessment of users’ experience to identify the root causes in order to implement the most cost-effective solutions. As the problems can be caused by both the network or application behaviours, this calls for the help of IT experts who are experienced in both network and application architecture to resolve the complex performance issues.   

GTI Network Assessment Service can help customers gain an insight and comprehensive profile of their network traffic. The new service helps customer analyse latency of specific applications, determine the bandwidth utilization & network efficiency, identify top users of network traffic and performance bottlenecks. The traffic discovery and analysis can be performed at multiple locations such that the most appropriate & cost-effective solutions can be recommended and implemented specifically for different locations.

GTI is experienced in both network and application infrastructure design and optimization. With a 20 year track record of success, GTI technical consultants have helped many customers optimize their computing environment to significantly improve their application performance. GTI consultants can analyse the traffic of a specific application and recommend the most effective mean of remedial actions based on the specific characteristics of that application.  

Key benefits of GTI Network Assessment Service include:-

·         Detailed and accurate analysis of network traffic and application characteristics using expert tools

·         Comprehensive analysis and report to identify bottlenecks and plan for remedial solutions

·         Flexible choice of in-band or out-of-band analysis to meet customers’ uptime requirements

·         Multiple location traffic analysis to address site-specific network traffic issues

·         Application specific analysis for most effective remedial actions

·         Network security assessment per customer specific request

·         Sound recommendations on corrective actions based on extensive experience of GTI accredited consultants in multivendor network and system technologies


GTI possesses multi-vendor accreditations which allow it to have access to specialist tools and best practice methodologies to perform comprehensive analysis of network and application performance and implement different effective means of remedial solutions to resolve specific problems of different customers.

To help customers resolve their network problems and achieve TCO savings in network support,  GTI is offering FREE Network Assessment Service of confined scope to selected customers for a limited time period. Customers interested in the FREE offer can contact GTI directly for details.



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