GTI unveils a comprehensive range of Virtualization Life Cycle Services to help customers maximize ROI of IT Virtualization initiatives



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GTI unveils a comprehensive range of Virtualization Life Cycle Services to help customers maximize ROI of IT Virtualization initiatives







December 15th, 2008








GTI today announced a comprehensive range of Virtualization Life Cycle Services that are tailored to meet the needs of local IT managers who are planning or implementing IT Virtualization initiatives to boost their IT efficiency.

In today’s uncertain economic environment, IT departments are being requested to do more with less capital & operational expenses. IT Virtualization becomes a key initiative of many CIOs and IT managers to increase efficiency & productivity and to support more applications with limited IT infrastructure resources.

Companies make use of virtualization softwares, industry standard servers and networked storage solutions to convert the traditional silo computer servers into an integrated pool of virtualized computing resources that can be efficiently shared by mutilple business applications. With significantly improved utilization of computing resources, companies can achieve over 70% savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructure with IT Virtualization.

To effectively deploy IT Virtualization from pilot projects to enterprise-wide implementation, this involves complex multi-vendor technologies and major changes in operation processes which are new to most companies. New technical skills must be trained in order to effectively deploy and manage the virtualized environment. Best practice designs and operation processes must be adopted to ensure smooth implemntation and to achieve the cost saving objectives.

These call for expert help and knowledge transfer to support the customers at the different phases along their IT Virtualization implementation journey. The lack of expert resources becomes an obstacle and many companies can only deploy IT Virtualization as isolated projects without successfully exploiting the full return-on-investment (ROI) benefits that virtualization can provide.

“IT Virtualization involves the integration and optimization of multivendor technologies to form a versatile virtualized pool of computing resources. This is the traditional strength of GTI. Most importantly, customers need to master the best practice designs and operation processes to make sure this can be scaled to support enterprise-wide deployment to enjoy the full potential of TCO savings,” said Jeffrey Moy, Technical Director of GTI. “GTI is well positioned to be the trusted advisor to our customers to ensure their successes in IT Virtualization implementation in the different phases of deployment.”

GTI possesses multi-vendor accreditations which allow it to have access to specialist tools and best practice methodologies to implement IT Virtualization. E.g. GTI isVMware Accredited Consulting (VAC) partner as well as the strategic virtualization integration partner of HP, Citrix, NetApp, NetIQ & others. Moreover, GTI has taken a holistic view of the complete virtualization life cycle and developed its own refined best practice based integration services to ensure the best ROI and early success of customers’ virtualization projects.

GTI’s Virtualization Life Cycle Services & Solutions include:-

-Virtualization Assessment Services, Solution Design and Quick-start Implementation Services

-Virtualization Business Continuity Quick-start

-Storage and Backup Optimization for Virtualized Infrastructure

-Virtualization Roadmap Design

-Virtualization Health Check Services

-Hardening of Virtualized Operating Environment

-Virtual Desktop (VDI) Application Design and Implementation

-Virtualzed HA Configurations for Windows & Linux applications

-DR Solution Design & Implementation

-Physical to Virtual DR Solutions (to support DR of multiple applications which are not ready to migrate to virtualized environment)

-Virtualized Enterprise Application Platform for SAP, MS Exchange, Oracle and others

-ITSM for mixed physical and virtualized environment

-and others

To help customers kick-start their IT Virtualization initiatives, or to better evolve their existing projects to maximize their ROI benefits, GTI is offering FREE “Discovery Workshops” to a limited number of customers who are evaluating virtualization initiatives or planning to fortify and enhance their current virtualization initiatives to boost IT efficiency. Customers interested in the FREE offer can contact GTI directly for details.

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