GTI x NetApp Webinar: Optimize cloud costs, performance and data agility to cope with the post-pandemic challenges



NetApp Webinar: Optimize Cloud Costs, Performance and Data Agility to Cope with the Post-pandemic Challenges

53% of organizations say that cloud cost is a significant pain point. With the prolonged business disruptions caused by pandemic outbreak, controlling cloud costs and optimizing cloud resource usage has become a high priority of most organizations. Moreover, organizations are looking for practical ways to optimize their data agility to support new digital transformation initiatives to strive for quick recovery.

Please join our webinar on 27 Apr (Tue) to learn from our cloud business experts on how you can significantly reduce cloud storage infrastructure costs, optimize cloud data traffic, enhance data agility without adding costs and risks with proven best practices and the industry leading NetApp’s Cloud Services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn effective ways to control and reduce your cloud storage infrastructure costs now and in the long run
  • Significantly reduce network costs with optimized network configurations, refined data traffic control and industry’s best data efficiency solutions
  • Avoid unnecessary cloud data egress costs and boost app performance with NetApp’s cloud solutions
  • Enhance data agility to support application migration and new digital transformation initiatives
  • Pragmatic use cases that can be applied in most organizations to reduce cloud costs

Event Details
Date: 27th April, 2021 (Tue)
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm