Automating Role Based Access to Servers


Automating Role Based Access to Servers

Assure Regulatory Compliance and Ensure Operational Integrity with AutomatedRole-Based Access to Servers

IT managers are often forced to grant administrators broad permissions to address problems or perform routine maintenance on production servers. Most tasks should require only temporary, limited permissions, but because native tools lack this granular control, managers must assign broad access.

This leaves IT managers struggling to address:

  • The number of team members who have administrator permissions
  • Tracking permissions to meet regulatory compliance for all your IT personnel is time consuming
  • Ensuring server availability, while documenting every change required by regulations
  • Taking fast remedial action to meet your Service Level Agreement (SLA)

NetIQ Change Administrator enables you to:

  • Implement effective change control on servers
  • Increase operational security of your servers using just-in-time and granular access control via a proxy
  • Ensure required changes are implemented and validated
  • Create entitlement and activity reports to assure policy and compliance

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