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Why GTI?

Our CDE solution acts as a single source of truth for all project data, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the same information at all times. This eliminates confusion and reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies, making it easier for project teams to work together seamlessly. By providing a centralized repository for project data, our CDE solution simplifies management and control of project information, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Our powerful version control system ensures that changes are tracked and recorded, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. With our CDE solution, you can trust that the project data you are working with is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable, making it easier to achieve your project goals.

In addition to supporting ISO19650 compliance, our CDE solution also offers a range of project management features, including task tracking, document management, and automated workflows. This allows you to keep your projects on track and ensure that deadlines are met.

One of the standout features of our CDE solution is the integrated BIM web viewer. This powerful BIM Viewer tool allows you to view BIM models directly in your web browser, without the need for any additional BIM software. This makes it easy for all stakeholders to access and review BIM models, further improving collaboration and communication by BIM viewer. Users do not require any BIM Software to view, retrieve data, measure, comment or markup the model.

GIT's CDE solution is highly flexible and can be installed on the cloud or on-premise, depending on your organization's needs and preferences. Our cloud-based solution offers the benefits of remote accessibility, scalability, and cost savings, while our on-premise solution provides greater control and customization options. No matter which deployment option you choose, our CDE solution is designed to deliver reliable performance and seamless integration with your existing systems.

Function of our BIM Viewer:

•    Pan and Rotate
•    Measurement
•    Section Cut
•    Style
•    Model Space and Model Binder
•    Object View, Locate, Search and Isolate
•    Comment and Markup
•    Carbon Assessment
•    Data Analysis
•    Export properties and information
•    Model Comparison 

BIM Viewer - Model Binder BIM Viewer - Model Comparison

BIM Viewer - Carbon Assessment BIM Viewer - Style XPay

Overall, GTI is a leading CDE solution provider and BIM solution provider. our Common Data Environment solution is the ideal choice for anyone looking to streamline their project management processes, improve collaboration, and ensure ISO219650 compliance.

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Best BIM/CDE Solution|BIM Viewer tool|GTI HK Ltd

GTI offers you Best BIM/CDE Solution! BIM Viewer tool allows you to view BIM models directly in your web browser, without any additional BIM software.

Leveraging CDE Solution and BIM Viewers for Enhanced Visualization and Coordination

Key Capabilities and Features of CDE Solution

Centralized Data Storage: CDE Solution provides a centralized environment for storing and managing various data and documents for construction projects. It allows users to store project-related design files, contract documents, specifications, etc. in one unified location, facilitating access and sharing by team members.

Data Sharing and Collaboration: CDE Solution encourages data sharing and collaboration between team members. It provides collaboration tools and capabilities for team members to co-edit and update project data together. Real-time data sharing and collaboration enable teams to communicate, coordinate and collaborate more effectively, improving project efficiency and quality.

Version Control and Approvals: CDE Solution has robust version control capabilities to track and record document edit histories. It allows team members to view and compare different document versions and conduct approvals and sign-offs. This ensures team members use the latest document versions and provides traceability and transparency in approval workflows.

Information Security and Access Control: CDE Solution values information security and access control. It enables secure management of and access control for project data to ensure that only authorized users can access and modify specific data and documents. This helps protect confidential project information and prevent unauthorized access.

Clash Detection and Coordination: CDE Solution supports clash detection and coordination of models. It can integrate models from different disciplines into a unified environment and detect clashes and collisions between models. This helps reduce design errors and construction issues, improving project quality and safety.

Information Management and Analytics: CDE Solution offers powerful information management and analytics capabilities. It can consolidate and analyze project data to provide accurate insights and visibility to project managers, informing decision making and risk management. With data management and analytics, teams gain better understanding of project status, progress and issues for appropriate actions.

These capabilities and features provide construction projects with robust information management and collaboration functionalities, facilitating efficient communication and coordination between teams, improving project efficiency and quality.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Viewer is a software tool specialized for viewing and navigating BIM models.

Functions and Applications of BIM Viewer

Model Browsing and Navigation: Allow users to browse and navigate 3D BIM models. Users can freely rotate, zoom and pan the model to view the building from different angles and details. This helps users fully understand the architectural design and conduct visual exploration and analysis of the project.

Model Markup and Measurement: Provide markup and measurement capabilities for users to add comments, dimensions and tags on the model. Users can identify key features, sizes and locations to aid understanding and communication of design intent. The measurement tools can also be used to take measurements of sizes, distances and angles in the model.

Model Analysis and Visualization: Support model analysis and visualization functions. Users can apply different view settings and filters to display specific information such as structural analysis, energy analysis, lighting analysis, etc. This assists users with in-depth understanding and evaluation of the building model to inform decision making and issue resolution.

Model Collaboration and Sharing: Allow multiple users to collaborate and share on the same model. Users can add comments, notes and feedback on the model for real-time collaboration with team members. This facilitates team communication and coordination, improving project efficiency.

Model Comparison and Version Control: Support model comparison and version control capabilities. Users can compare different versions of the model, view changes and differences, and conduct version tracking. This helps control model evolution and changes and provides traceability and formal change approval workflows.

Mobile and Remote Access: Some also offer mobile and remote access capabilities. Users can remotely access BIM models on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, to view and navigate models anytime, anywhere. This allows project team members to conveniently view and collaborate on models in the field or remotely.

These capabilities of BIM Viewer provide users with more intuitive and interactive ways to view, analyze and collaborate on BIM models, supporting team coordination and decision making for projects.

Purposes and Significance of Integrating BIM Viewer in CDE Solution

Real-Time Visualization and Collaboration: By integrating BIM Viewer in CDE Solution, team members can view, navigate and collaborate on BIM models in real-time. They can see the latest model versions in a shared environment and conduct markup, tagging, measurement and other tasks. This facilitates real-time collaboration and efficient communication between teams, reducing delays and miscommunication.

Model Consistency and Accuracy: Integrating BIM Viewer ensures team members use consistent and up-to-date BIM models within the CDE. Team members can access the same model in CDE without relying on local copies. This eliminates errors and conflicts caused by outdated or divergent models, improving coordination and model quality.

Clash Detection and Coordination: BIM Viewer integration enables more streamlined clash detection and coordination within the CDE. Team members can use BIM Viewer to detect clashes and collisions in the model and resolve issues promptly. This helps reduce design errors and construction problems, improving project quality and safety.

Enhanced Collaboration and Participation: Integrating BIM Viewer in CDE can enhance collaboration and participation of team members. They can jointly access and navigate BIM models on the CDE platform for real-time collaboration and discussions. This facilitates communication and collaboration between teams, reducing siloed information and duplicated efforts, improving project efficiency and quality.

More Informed Decision Making: Integrated BIM Viewer enables more informed and visualized decision making within CDE. By viewing models, analyzing data and creating visualizations, team members gain more comprehensive and intuitive information to support informed decisions and risk evaluation.

Complementarity and Collaborative Workflows between CDE Solution and BIM Viewer

Data Sharing and Management: It allows team members to share design files, specifications, contracts, etc. in one central location. Integrating BIM Viewer in CDE allows convenient access and navigation of shared BIM models for better project understanding and participation.

Model Browsing and Collaboration: Team members can use BIM Viewer to browse and navigate BIM models on the CDE platform while conducting markup, measurement, commenting, etc. This enables real-time collaboration and communication between team members, enhancing understanding of design intent and model details.

Clash detection and Coordination:Team members can use BIM Viewer to detect clashes and resolve issues in the model in a timely manner. This helps reduce design errors and construction problems, improving project quality and safety. Clash detection results and logs can also be recorded and shared on the CDE platform for reference.

Data Management and Version Control: Team members can conduct version tracking and management of BIM models on the CDE platform, recording model change histories and approval workflows. Integrated BIM Viewer allows convenient access and comparison of different model versions for better understanding of model progression and changes.

Collaborative Workflows: Team members can share and access design files, models, markups, comments, etc. on the CDE platform. They can conduct real-time model browsing and collaboration in BIM Viewer and communicate with other team members. This enhances team collaboration and coordination, improving project efficiency and quality.

Integration of CDE Solution and BIM Viewer brings important value including:

1.Improved collaboration efficiency through real-time model access, markups and communication in a shared environment.

2.Enhanced model consistency and accuracy by ensuring access to unified and up-to-date models in CDE Solution.

3.Strengthened clash detection and coordination by using BIM Viewer within CDE Solution.

4.Supported real-time decisions and issue resolution with intuitive model viewing and analytics.

5.Robust information management and traceability through CDE Solution version control and BIM model integration.

The integration ultimately provides seamless information sharing and workflows to strengthen team coordination and project delivery.