GTI Cloud Control

Hybrid Cloud Management Platform for cloud service management, automation and orchestration

Many organizations are now using public cloud computing resources to complement their on-premises infrastructure to support important applications such as DevOps platform, web services which need 7x24 availability, expanded services to cover broader geographical locations and business continuity solutions with cloud as secondary site. However, very few organizations have yet implemented automated solutions to efficiently provision and manage their cloud services. They lack the visibility to monitor the performance and control the cloud resource consumption and cannot assure the VMs are set up to meet required ITSM policies and security and compliance guidelines. Sprawl of VMs and unattended resources add significant wastages to your bills. They want a holistic orchestration and automation solution to integrate and manage their on-premises and cloud service resources together.

The GTI Cloud Control Hybrid Cloud Management Platform can help you manage and optimize your cloud resources consumption.

Our veteran cloud consultants can help you design and implement a versatile hybrid cloud platform to address your specific cloud service management objectives. With the GTI Cloud Control management platform, you can define standard sets of cloud services with required policies and SLAs. E.g. web services with load balancing and security settings, DB services with always on availability, remote backup and recovery services, etc. The system can automate your workflow processes to configure and provision your cloud services and automate their life cycle management. The results are optimized consumption, improved ROI and significantly increased productivity of your IT team.

Key features:

Cloud Service Optimization Planning Workshop to define service portal functions to meet your specific needs  
Proven solution designs by our Microsoft Virtual Technical Solution Professional (vTSP) and Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE)  
Cloud service preparation and creation  
Automated cloud resource life cycle management  
Report and analysis of cloud resource usage and performance  
Tailored Managed Services to help you manage your cloud resource consumption, billing and optimization