GTI Shanghai launches a series of FREE workshops and customer roadtour to help customers exploit the full benefits of IT Virtualization


March 26th, 2009



GTI Shanghai launches a series of FREE workshops and customer roadtour to help customers exploit the full benefits of IT Virtualization


In response to popular customer demands, GTI Shanghai Office is organizing a series of FREE discovery workshops and customer roadtour to share with customers how they can be benefited by the broad range of GTI Virtualization Life Cycle solutions. 


To cope with its fast expanding business in the  Eastern China region, GTI Shanghai has recently  opened its new office at the  Cartelo Crocodile  Building at Changning District of Shanghai. The new GTI Shanghai office is equipped with a new virtualization demo center to facilitate the hosting of workshops and seminars to brief customers on the latest virtualization technologies and other advanced IT solutions provided by GTI.   


GTI unveiled a comprehensive range of Virtualization Life Cycle solutions in last December and has received overwhelming demands from its enterprise and service provider customers. The GTI offerings cover the broadest range of integrated solutions in the market to meet customers’ specific requirements at different phases of virtualization infrastructure implementation. Just  three months after the debute, GTI has already achieved remarkable successes, winning the 1st VMware Life Cycle Manager solution, the 1st VMware VCenter Site Reovery Manager (SRM) solution, and one of the first VMware View 3 (previously known as VDI) solution deals in the Greater China region.

“These successes further underline GTI’s leading position as the best virtualization expert in the region,” remarked Jeffrey Moy, Technical Director of GTI. “We have the vision, expertise, delivery capabilities and experiences to help customers implement the most advanced virtualization solutions.We want to bring these benefits to a broader base of enterprise and service provider customers.”

GTI Shanghai will host a series of virtualization discovery workshops to help customers understand how virtualization technologies can benefit their organizations. GTI has also launched a roadtour to provide onsite consultancy services to major customers in  Eastern China region to assess their IT environment in order to exploit the full potential of virtualization benefits. GTI consultancy services include virtualization assessment, blueprint design, virtualized infrastructure (VI) health check, network assessment, storage optimization, VI management, disaster recovery planning, operation review and many others.

Customers in  Shanghai and the  Eastern China region who want to explore further on the benefits of virtualization solutions can contact GTI at:

Tel (8621) 6375 8369;  Fax (86-21) 6375 8373 or email  



About GTI

Established since 1989, GTI ( Global Technology Integrator Limited ) is a leading IT solution provider who focuses to provide advanced IT solutions and permium services to enterprise and service provider customers to help achieve their business goals.


GTI continuously tracks new trends in technology that fundamentally improve productivity and efficiency. By implementing these developments on behalf of clients, GTI enables organizations to keep pace with important developments in IT,without loosing their focus on profitability.

GTI has successfully helped many customers to implement IT Virtualization solutions that have achieved remarkable savings in the total cost of IT infrastructure ownership while also enhancing their operation efficiency. IT Virtualization solutions help customers minimize un-utilized computing resources and improve the overall power, cooling and space efficiency of IT infrastructure to achieve the Green IT objectives.

Headquartered in  Hong Kong , the company has its offices & satellite offices in major cities in <country-region></country-region> China including  Beijing ,  Shanghai ,  Guangzhou ,  Nanjing , Dailin,  Fuzhou , Shenyang & ZhenZhou .