GTI Webinar: Inspiring Use Cases of AI and Deep Learning co-hosted by NetApp and Nvidia


Inspiring Use Cases of AI and Deep Learning co-hosted by NetApp, Nvidia and GTI

Diagnosing diseases. Revolutionizing financial services. Building smart cities. Advances of neural network architectures and deep learning frameworks have accelerated AI researches and applications to deliver revolutionary business results across different industries.

This 1-hour webinar will present some promising AI use cases and the corresponding neural networks employed. E.g.

  • Use of machine learning algorithms for practical data classification problems;
  • Convolutional neural networks (CNN) for image analysis & detection, medical image segmentation, etc.;
  • Recurrent neural networks (RNN) such as LSTM and transformers for natural language processing;

We will discuss resources available from Nvidia and NetApp to help you propel in your AI, data science and deep learning teaching, researches and business applications.

Who should attend:

Researchers, executives, academic leaders, entrepreneurs who are planning to employ AI solutions to conduct Data Science and AI researches, training and business projects and transform their industries.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn about inspirational use cases of multiple neural network architectures
  • The benefits and ROI of owning your AI Infrastructure
  • How NetApp & Nvidia reference AI solutions can accelerate your researches and neural network model design & training
  • Trainings and consulting resources to fast track your AI projects
Event Details
Date: 23th July, 2020 (Thu)
Time: 11:00am