GTI x Microsoft Smart Case Management Solutions Workshop for GOV & GRO


GTI x Microsoft Smart Case Management Solutions Workshop for GOV & GRO

Government departments/bureaus and Government related organizations (GROs) need many different case management solutions, such as work order, complaints management, licensing, correspondence management. However, many Government and GRO users face the dilemma of choosing a solution that tailor to their needs. On one hand, commercial software packages may not readily satisfy the application requirements in Government and GRO sector; on the other hand, coding the applications from scratch can be too time-consuming and too costly to maintain, while not being agile enough to meet the evolving changes today.

This Seminar will demonstrate how the Smart Case Management solution by GTI can fulfill the specific needs of Government and GRO users, with its readily available tools and functions specially made to boost operation efficiency and drive user adoption.

With GTI’s proven record and best practices in the Government and GRO sector, we hope to see you at the event for an interactive discussion.

Event Details
Date: 9th November, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Regus Conference Center


  • The challenge of meeting e-government project’s time-to-launch commitments with user satisfaction
  • Introduction to GTI case management solution development platform powered by Microsoft Technologies
    • Versatile solution platform to meet specific application requirements
    • Readily available tools and functions commonly needed by government users
    • Powerful analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools
  • Break
  • Use Case Scenarios discussion and demonstration:
    • Complaint and work order case management
    • Application of license or other government services
    • Correspondence and campaign management
  • Q&A + Networking