NetApp Technical Workshop


NetApp Technical Workshop

Organizations need to avoid data loss and data breaches caused by cyberattacks such as ransomwares as well as malicious user activities and insider threats. They need to carefully select and implement different solutions to address these different threats and proactively safeguard their important data. And in the event of system outage caused by disasters or cyberattacks, business organizations need to be able to quickly recover and resume operation with minimal data loss. They need to meet the stringent RPO and RTO that today’s businesses demand.

This NetApp Solution Workshop will discuss how to protect your important data with different perspectives:

  • Protect your sensitive data from data breaches caused by insider threats or cyberattacks by automatically detecting suspicious and unwanted activities
  • Fast recovery and remediation from cyber-attacks and disasters with best-in-class storage snapshot technologie
  • Case studies of selecting the most suitable and cost-effective encryption solutions for different application scenarios

Event Details
Date: 7thJuly, 2017 (Friday)
Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue: NetApp Hong Kong Office


  • Fast recovery and remediation from cyber-attacks and disasters with NetApp storage snapshot technologies
  • Selecting the most cost-effective encryption solutions without compromising storage efficiency or performance
  • Protecting your sensitive data from data breaches with an advanced solution - Varonis
  • Addressing IT challenges with all flash storage solution - update of the latest NetApp Flash Storage Solutions