CIS Controls Version 7 Released

On March 19th 2018, the Center of Internet Security released its CIS Controls Version 7, the newest iteration of its 20 important cybersecurity recommendations. The CIS Controls are a prioritized set of best practices any organization can follow to improve their cybersecurity posture. The newest release was developed to reflect the latest threat environment to help organizations address current attacks, emerging technology, and changing mission/business requirements of IT.

CIS Controls V7 keeps the same 20 controls that businesses and organizations around the world already depend upon to stay secure while the ordering has been updated to reflect the current threat landscape. The sub-controls have been updated to be more clear and precise, implementing a single “ask” per sub-control.

More notably, CIS Controls V7 separates the controls into three distinct categories: basic, foundational, and organizational.

• Basic (CIS Controls 1-6): Key controls which should be implemented in every organization for essential cyber defense readiness.
• Foundational (CIS Controls 7-16): The next step up from basic – these technical best practices provide clear security benefits and are a smart move for any organization to implement.
• Organizational (CIS Controls 17-20): These controls are different in character from 1-16; while they have many technical elements, CIS Controls 17-20 are more focused on people and processes involved in cybersecurity.

The content is restructured to be more flexible, relevant and adaptive to apply to different organizations. Customers can visit the CIS website to download the CIS Controls V7 document for reference:

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