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Enterprise Content Management

With today's rapid rate of data growth, effective content management gives organizations a significant competitive advantage and is critical to future success.
Traditional paper-based content management not only takes up an enormous amount of space, but is also inefficient in terms of filing, searching and auditing. To increase efficiency, an Enterprise Content Management system is worth serious consideration.

Enterprise Content Management can be classified into three main areas:

Document Management
An electronic document management system stores both content and related information. For example, an order number, shipping date and billing address may be filed along side a purchase order. Based on this information, users can more easily search content and a much more effective filing system is created than using paper-based methods. Other features like document versioning, audit trail, check-in/check-out and retention can address different auditing and compliance issues.

Custom business applications can also be built on top of the Document Management platform to enable businesses to maximize the value of their investment. Applications previously implemented by GTI include Banking Document Imaging and Report Extraction Services.

Banking Document Imaging records historical and current document images like credit card applications and credit card vouchers held by bank branches. By using barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies, document attributes are automatically filed along with document images for search and retrieval at a later date.

The Report Extraction Service was developed to store batches of financial reports generated by mainframe and legacy systems. Using a powerful data extraction and transformation engine, PDF reports are filed in the document management system where they can easily be searched and read.

Web Content Management
The Internet has become an indispensable part of business operations today. Web content solutions have enabled businesses to interact with customers, suppliers and business partners in ways that were simply not possible in the past.

GTI delivers a next-generation Web Content Management system using Web 2.0 technologies that enables business users to easily manage and update content. Custom-designed applications can also be developed with special features and high levels of security, while ensuring a pleasant user experience.

Traditional business processes are usually managed by individuals and tend to be error-prone. To increase efficiency, businesses can adopt technologies that streamline these processes. This is where a Workflow Engine becomes essential.

With the help of professionals who have a deep understanding your industry, GTI will assist in the design and re-engineering of your business processes. The team works with users to define business rules, map processes and guide your organization through the transition to the new system. The result is a workflow solution that enables your business to achieve a new level of productivity.

Postman Beat
For businesses that still require mail-intensive operations, such as sending paper copies of invoices or statements to customers, the Postman Beat system can save a significant amount in postal costs. Designed and developed by GTI, the system inserts Postal Beat code to letters with its intelligent sorting and classification engine. With the Postal Beat code, the postal service can offer a significant discount from the standard bulk mailing charge. This system is known for its exceptional mailing speed and efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management

Businesses tend to interact with customers in several different ways. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can greatly help a company to make best use of customer information to develop new business opportunities. For example, automated processes and reminders, encourage customer-facing staff to take better care of customer needs.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and technologies, GTI provides end-to-end implementation services to deploy a Customer Relationship Management system in your organization. Furthermore, this system integrates tightly with your accounting, email and other business systems to utilize all information sources according to your precise requirements.

Project Management

For some businesses, or departments within organizations, much work is project-based. Project managers may use desktop application to create schedules, work breakdown structures and Gnatt charts.

However, these tools only cover a small portion of the professional practices of Project Management. Furthermore, this approach is frequently handled manually and the approach may vary from one project manager to another.

Based on practices developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), GTI helps clients to manage a wide range of activities varying from small, unstructured tasks to large, highly-sophisticated projects using the 8thManage project management solution.

This web-based tool not only supports project schedules, work breakdown structures and Gnatt charts, but also handles the nine recognized "Knowledge Areas" of PMI, including: scope, time, cost, quality, resource, communications, risk, procurement and integration management. Approval, reminder and other collaborative features greatly increase the control and effectiveness of the project management process.
In addition, GTI's experienced team of professionals and certified Project Management Professional (PMP) offer consultancy and system deployment services to clients.