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Green Policy

GTI recognizes that businesses play an important role to conserve the natural resources and the continued health of the globe. We advocate the use of Green IT to reduce greenhouse gas footprint and strive to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do. Our company’s Green Policy is developed to focus on key areas which our people can contribute to minimize the environmental impact. These include implementations of Green IT solutions for our customers and our green office management practices based on the “4-R principles” (reduce, reuse, replace & recycle) of environmental protection.

Green IT by GTI

The environmental impact of IT deserves serious consideration. According to analyst IDC (1), un-utilized servers equate to approximately US$140 billion and produce more than 80 million tons of CO2 per year. That is more than the annual emissions by the whole of Thailand!

GTI is dedicated in helping our customers implement IT Virtualization solutions that can achieve remarkable improvements in server and storage utilization while also earning significant savings in the total cost of IT infrastructure ownership.

The company’s Green IT solution is based on a multi-pronged approach to help customers minimize un-utilized computing resources in order to improve the overall power, cooling and space efficiency of IT infrastructure, without sacrificing the availability, performance and security of business applications. GTI’s IT virtualization life cycle services identify critical areas that require focus and the most cost effective approach to implement a solution in order to achieve agreed Green IT objectives.

(1)      Source: IDC, “Enterprise Class Virtualization 2.0 Application Mobility, Recovery, and Management” Doc#DR 2007_5MEW, February 2007

Green Office Management 

Paper Saving

GTI’s staff should disseminate information by electronic means (i.e. via email and employee portal) as far as possible. Boxes are placed beside photocopiers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling. GTI’s employees are encouraged to use paper on both sides, reuse envelopes and loose minute jackets, and use environmentally friendly plain paper fax machines. Marketing should use electronic means for marketing materials dissemination and customer invitations etc. as far as possible to save paper. These include e-direct mailing, update of event bulletin of website and others.  

Energy Saving

GTI office uses fluorescent lighting to conserve energy. Lights and air-conditioning should be switched off when not in use. Computers not in use should be switched off. GTI and its staff should use and purchase efficient electronic equipment whenever possible. Enterprise applications are deployed on the company’s private cloud infrastructure whenever feasible to optimize resource utilization and reduce energy consumption.


Fluorescent lamps, printer toner cartridge, rechargeable batteries should be collected for recycling. Recycling boxes are set up to collect these items for recycling purpose.

The company will continuously assess the compliance with our green company policy and enhance the environmental awareness among our staff members.