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Executive Luncheon: Addressing the Challenges of Securing IoT

Gartner predicts that by 2020, IoT security will make up 20 percent of annual security budgets.

Left to their own devices, networks are insecure – especially when you consider the growing numbers of devices today that lack security agents. New devices join your network every hour - copiers, security cameras, projectors, HVAC controls, sensors and audio visual systems. They aren’t the usual suspects you’d think of in a security breach.

With the exponential rise in cybercrimes, the new age mantra is simple – Protect your critical assets and data or prepare for your business to be disrupted.

What will it take to protect your organization? Join our executive luncheon fueled by ForeScout and GTI to understand more.

ForeScout solution can be the key to:

  • Discover, classify and profile device in campus, data centers and cloud environment
  • Continuously monitor traditional, mobile, IoT and virtual endpoints to reduce risks
  • Segment, quarantine or enforce device compliance based on policy

Event Details
Date: 17thOctober, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00noon – 3:00pm
Venue: The Mira Hong Kong

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GTI x Citrix Hybrid IT Seminar

Businesses rely on branch offices and remote employees to serve customers, respond fast to partners and suppliers for expansion to new markets. As application virtualization increases, use of SaaS and mobile computing surges, IT managers struggle to deliver these applications securely to branch and remote users with low latency and satisfactory performance at moderate networking and support costs.

In this technical seminar, we shared how the comprehensive and integrated Citrix WorkSpace solutions can help you address all these pressing challenges to successfully transform your business to win in the digital age.

Event Details
Date: 21stSeptember, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 09:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: Citrix System - Hong Kong Office


  • Challenges of Distributed Enterprises in Digital Era
  • Optimize Hybrid IT Implementation with Citrix WorkSpace
  • Microsoft Azure – the Ideal Hybrid Cloud Platform for Distributed Enterprises
  • Introduction to Citrix WorkSpace – the Frontline of Digital Transformation
  • Networking Lunch at Feast, East Hong Kong

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The 10th CIO Executive Summit 2017 Hong Kong

Enterprises are witnessing a massive shift in the way they do business, collaborate and grow in the Digital Era. Technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, social media, big data, and mobility has helped businesses to do things like they never imagined before. These technologies have enabled enterprises to look beyond core businesses and expand into newer service or product offerings. This summit shared fresh and valuable insights from forward-looking peer CIOs & CISOs, subject matter experts and technology leaders into how IT Leaders can advance their enterprise digital journey and make changes to unlock the full potentials and reap the benefits of digital transformation.

This year, the summit carries the theme of “Unlocking the Digital Future: Innovate, Strategize and Collaborate”. Targeting 200+ CIOs and C-level delegates, this premier annual CIO event dedicates in optimizing delegates’ business information technology management with a new strategic outlook.

Event Details
Date: 5thSeptember, 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 08:00am – 5:15pm
Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

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GTI X NetApp X RedHat Executive Seminar cum Networking Luncheon

This Executive Seminar cum Networking Luncheon was jointly organized by GTI, NetApp and RedHat on the hot topic of “Adopting an Agile Infrastructure to unleash the Power of DevOps”.

With the pace of business today, companies must innovate quickly or risk losing out to competition. Adopting DevOps methodologies to build transformative applications faster is a winning strategy most businesses need to pursue – including those in highly regulated industries.

However, to achieve DevOps agility while complying with all control processes and delivering guaranteed performance is NOT an easy mission to accomplish. Business needs to have the right solution to remove burden of managing IT from developers and provides them with flexible and scalable IT services so that they can focus on accelerating their businesses.

Veteran experts from RedHat and NetApp SolidFire will share with you how the combined agile infrastructure can help optimize your software development life cycle and improve the developer experience.

Event Details
Date: 31st August, 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 12:15noon – 5:15pm
Venue: The Mira Hong Kong

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Global Technology Integrator Limited (GTI) is privileged to announce that it has been awarded the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) under Category 1, 2 (Major), 3 (Major) and 4 for the Supply of Information Technology Professional Services to Government Departments of HKSAR, effective July 31, 2017.

Back in 2013, GTI was first awarded the SOAs of Quality Professional Services 3 (QPS3) for supplying IT professional services under the Major Service Group of Service Category 2 and 3 for 48 months. During this period, GTI provided dedicated service to many government bureau and departments, supported its business-critical applications and successfully improved their IT efficiency and performance for increased productivity.

Today, we are pleased to announce it is a big leap forward to achieve the SOAs consecutively with all Category from 1 to 4 awarded, which further demonstrate GTI’s abilities and commitments with the best-quality services and prove to our customers and stakeholders that premium service is foremost to the way we operate.

The Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) offered by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of HKSAR is part of its IT outsourcing strategy aims to extend the delivery capacity for IT services to accelerate the delivery of IT solutions and encourage further development of local IT industry.

For inquiry, please contact us via GTI Government Business Hotline at
2881 4807.

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NetApp Technical Workshop

Organizations need to avoid data loss and data breaches caused by cyberattacks such as ransomwares as well as malicious user activities and insider threats. They need to carefully select and implement different solutions to address these different threats and proactively safeguard their important data. And in the event of system outage caused by disasters or cyberattacks, business organizations need to be able to quickly recover and resume operation with minimal data loss. They need to meet the stringent RPO and RTO that today’s businesses demand.

This NetApp Solution Workshop will discuss how to protect your important data with different perspectives:

  • Protect your sensitive data from data breaches caused by insider threats or cyberattacks by automatically detecting suspicious and unwanted activities
  • Fast recovery and remediation from cyber-attacks and disasters with best-in-class storage snapshot technologie
  • Case studies of selecting the most suitable and cost-effective encryption solutions for different application scenarios

Event Details
Date: 7thJuly, 2017 (Friday)
Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue: NetApp Hong Kong Office


  • Fast recovery and remediation from cyber-attacks and disasters with NetApp storage snapshot technologies
  • Selecting the most cost-effective encryption solutions without compromising storage efficiency or performance
  • Protecting your sensitive data from data breaches with an advanced solution - Varonis
  • Addressing IT challenges with all flash storage solution - update of the latest NetApp Flash Storage Solutions

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